About Great Toning

Most coin dealers buy only coins that they can afford and can sell later. I am able to consign your coins and sell them through my web site (or ebay), for a margin much less than many major retailers.

Great Toning will yield an outstanding price for your coin, without keeping the coin tied up for long periods. We take care of the preparation work, selling, and shipping details. I have been collecting coins for a long time. Photography has also been a long-time hobby. Great Toning is a result of the marriage of these two.

The way it got started is kind of a funny story. I had a coin that I wanted to sell. I took a couple of quick pictures, listed them on ebay, and got $393 for a coin that I paid $425 for. Not too bad, I thought. Then, two weeks later, the same coin sold for double that price!

The difference was in the pictures.

The other seller had professional quality pictures that brought out the best in the coin. At that point, I vowed to take the best pictures that I possibly could. I bought a digital camera and have worked toward improving my photography every day. Today, my pictures are regarded as some of the best coin pictures on the Internet.Here are 6 reasons for using Greattoning.com rather than listing them yourself on ebay or another auction:

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  1. Photography - as they say a “picture is worth a thousand words” and that couldn’t be more true when it comes to dealing coins. The pictures are what sell the coins and bring the highest prices. I have the experience both with photography and coins to produce exceptional pictures. Some people have even complained on message boards that my coins couldn’t be real, because they look so good. But they are real. In fact, much of my ebay feedback says “as beautiful as it looked”.

The reason my coin photography is exceptional is because I take my pictures in the “best possible light” and use a “3% tilt” when necessary, in order to capture the color and eye appeal. Photographing in the best possible light allows me to get every ounce of color out of the coin. I am able to capture the “3 percent tilt” look, which is the look that you get when you rotate the coin in the right light, resulting in an explosion of color.

Copper coins can be exquisitely photographed this way. Many proof Indian pennies look reddish brown until you find the “proper” angle and then they look like a kaleidoscope of rainbows. Let me capture that magic for you!

2. Reputation - My ebay feedback is phenomenol. Anyone can sell on ebay, but if you’re paying a lot for a coin, you want to know that you’re buying from a reputable, responsible, honest person. My ebay feedback says that and more. I have done over 350 successful transactions on ebay since 1999.

3. Coin Expertise - I specialize in beautifully toned coins and know quite a lot about them. I appreciate these coins and am willing to pay higher prices, so I acquire some of the prettiest coins in the business.

4. Quality of Coins - Because I’m taking consignments, I can afford to handle some of the highest quality, low population, eye appealing coins available, and give my clients the lions share of the sale. I will only list coins that I can accurately portray on the web. As a result, your coin will be represented along with well-presented quality-toned coins.

5. Technology Expertise
- I am an “early adopter” of technology and have been using ebay successfully since 1999. I know and understand how electronic auctions work and know the secret ins and outs of ebay. I have the technical set up and know-how to handle all aspects of the transactions.

6. Great prices - I have been able to achieve record prices on beautifully toned coins, higher than from some major auctions. Very few dealers match my return. My commission is quite modest.

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